Friday, December 9, 2011

Official Xbox LIVE App For iPhone, iPad, iPod touch Now Available [Download Now]

It was a great day, a few in the world of Xbox 360 from Microsoft. There were all Pálava Xbox Dashboard update, which would likely go live update and then suffered a delay of less than a day and now there's a new iOS application in Apple's App Store, the first application is in conjunction with Microsoft's Xbox be released for IOS devices.

It comes as a Universal application, free, comes the new My Xbox LIVE using two different user interfaces - one for the iPhone and iPod touch developed, and a specially iPad for the big screen.

Those who have previously used the new Xbox 360 interface, the interface now recognizes, as more than a mere resemblance to the Windows Phone 7-inspired user interface, all the Xbox 360 now sports. If you envision a large number of tiles, animation, then it is not far.

List of execution of the function contains the most important features you would expect from a sports application called Xbox LIVE. Users can send and receive messages over Xbox LIVE, invite you manage your friends list and new friends, live changes to your profile and much more.
My application to use the Xbox LIVE, users must log on to Xbox LIVE credentials - a task that is not so in our tests, it is plain sailing, as we would like. Which of the two Xbox Live accounts of the application were dealt with, is very good, while the other is the waiting period, or an error message that says there is something wrong with you connected. We will continue to try, but it's safe to say that the application servers and Microsoft probably somewhere considerable stress at this time. Hopefully things calm down over time.

Microsoft has more than it should, perhaps, taken, but we finally have a way to access our Xbox Live accounts by our IOS devices.

Download My Xbox LIVE for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch [iTunes link].

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