Monday, December 19, 2011

Glowing Apple Logo On iPhone 4 & 4S With This Kit, Can Be Installed Under 5 Minutes [VIDEO]

Apple iPhone is a nice device. Anything made of metal and glass just oozes quality, as it is with Apple's MacBook line. Only with a MacBook Air to see, and we say it is a work of art.

An Apple Macbook is that the iPhone does not, however, and it's something some of us have been clamoring for since Apple announced the iPhone for the first time in 2007. See have MacBooks that Apple logo on the back of the screen works like the iPhone, but with one crucial difference - the MacBook have logos that light up when the screen so that everyone's around you know that there is an Apple product is.

Can be a little lenient, and some may even say cheesy but we love it, and we want our iPhone to do the same.

Now made possible a Chinese company has, and if you could have this kit for $ 42 and a steady hand and an iPhone with the Apple logo is like the MacBook.

The kit consists of a new back for the iPhone that has a clear Apple logo, and a "light volume" what to expect, how creates light.

The company takes a video of the installation that ultimately, it created about 5 minutes. Well, of course, none of this will void the warranty, and if you give it a shot, then you must aware that this is a clever combination with a screwdriver needs.

As the video and the pictures show, however, if you install this kit you'll be rewarded with some truly impressive.
The light comes on when the iPhone screen is on, and will remain for 15 seconds after the screen is off. The device manufacturer says, the battery life is not affected by the "light band", although we do not have the chance to prove this claim for himself.

If you have an iPhone with an Apple logo that lights up, waited, then this may be just the thing!

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