Friday, December 16, 2011

A Must-Have App For All Halo: Reach Fans - Halo Waypoint For iPhone And iPad Download Now

Microsoft is on a roll these days! First they came for the official Xbox Live My application for the iPhone and the iPad, and then are dismissed Kinectimals, this is the first game ever made by Microsoft to another IOS, then released for the iPhone SkyDrive, and now have been a great gift for Halo: Reach fans out there.

If you own an Xbox 360, you already know about the Halo franchise, and probably a big fan of him too. The latest version of the Halo series, Halo: Reach, emerged as a major success in the players and enthusiasts, and is the biggest game in the history of Microsoft in terms of sales. But there was a small piece of the puzzle is missing the whole thing, track your achievements and multiplayer games while you are away from the console was not. Of course there is the Xbox LIVE on Windows Phone blow, but what about the IOS?

This is where this new application of Microsoft enters These Halo Waypoint, and if requested a personal opinion, I find no good reason not to use this application on your iPhone or iPad installed when you kill hours playing Xbox 360 Halo: Reach for Xbox LIVE.
With Halo Waypoint, you get an aerial view of all skirmish maps and multiplayer real-time updates to show all players the position of the vehicles and weapons, right in the palm.

From the App Store:
Waypoint features ATLAS, the official multiplayer companion for Halo: Reach. Check out overhead views of multiplayer and firefight maps, as well as beautifully illustrated versions from Brady Games. The maps show weapon and vehicle locations, and you can get near real-time position and score information for Multiplayer games, for you and your team.

With Halo Waypoint, you have direct access to your Waypoint Career progress, all of your Halo: Reach stats, including game history, campaign progress and stats by weapons and enemies. You can stay in contact with your Halo friends on Xbox LIVE no matter where you are.
The purpose of the application is quite simple, and is recommended in Redmond Pie, the application is taken for a spin next time you are in a multiplayer showdown against foreigners Covenant horrible number. The price you ask? Totally free.

With all the members of your team through Waypoint Halo for the iPhone and the iPad is connected, does not coordinate to perfection as this. It's like you're sitting on the street walking with a halo in the bag, ok I agree it was a little too emotional. Lets get to the download section!

Download Halo Waypoint for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch [iTunes link]

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